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Niteangel Anti-Slide Hamster Wheel Platform

Niteangel Anti-Slide Hamster Wheel Platform

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  • Why we designed the Niteangel Hamster Wheel - Due to Hamster instinct, we need to provide hamster bedding materials for them to burrow or digging, depends on hamster cage routine setting, how to provide a stable place for hamsters to running wheel? that's why we designed the Niteangel Hamster Wheel Platform, this platform make you able to use the wheel above hamster bedding area and offer the stabilizing place for wheel when hamster running
  • Niteangel Hamster Platform - Designed for Niteangel Series Hamster Wheels only, it's not fits for other brand Hamster Wheel, Raise the position of your Niteangel Hamster wheel, offer a stable platform to prevent the wheel move or tilt when hamster exercising.
  • Choose the right Size for your wheel - we designed 2 size platform for those series hamster wheel, which made 2 different sizes recess to fit for Niteangel Series Wheel Stand Base, please follow the size description to choose the right size for your Niteangel hamster wheel.
  • A necessary platform for Niteangel Series Wheel - Raise the Height of Hamster wheel when setting your hamster cage/habitats, also Offer Stable Base Platform for setting your wheel down. Made from bamboo materials and beech, please follow the instruction to install it before use
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