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Niteangel 80ml Hamster Water Bottle with Stand

Niteangel 80ml Hamster Water Bottle with Stand

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  • Hamster Water Bottle That Encourages Drinking: Are you worried about your furry friend getting wet from drinking water? This niteangel stand water bottle is a new way to encourage small animals to drink water, the new design is more stable and keeps water from leakage, ideal for hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats and other small animals offer convenience to their daily drinking convenience.
  • Adjustable Height & Capacity Marker: The base of water bottle holder offers you an opportunity to place your hamster water dispenser whereas you wish. It can be lowered or raised to suit a variety of pet sizes and heights. Let the small animal keep a natural posture when drinking water and ensure more comfortable drinking water, what's more, the large capacity of 80ml lets you track how much your hammy drinks every day.
  • Top Open-able Design & No Leak: The water outlet of the niteangel water bottle adopts a double ball design, which can keep from water leakage more effectively, just touch the steel ball to discharge water and control the water output to keep from overflow, the small animal water bottle supports automatic drinking, allowing hamsters to drink water easier. It can works perfectly with the niteangel cage, hamster house maze, and platform for use.
  • Safe Materials & Easy Cleaning: The hamster water bottle itself and the stand is made of PP plastic and Acrylic. The stand is beautiful, smooth and sturdy. Your hamsters cannot tip it over even if they try and throw a tantrum. Meanwhile, all accessories are detachable for cleaning, if your small pet likes to leave its smell everywhere, it would be the perfect choice.
  • Please check the water bottle daily and tap the metal ball on the tip of the spout after each refill to make sure the water is flowing properly. The water bottle is ready to use when you tap the metal ball and bubbles appear. Also, the niteangel small animal bottle holder does not match other types of water bottles.
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