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Niteangel Hamster Chew & Decor Toys:Carrot-Shape (Pack of 6)

Niteangel Hamster Chew & Decor Toys:Carrot-Shape (Pack of 6)

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  • [ Chew Toys Keep Pets Well-Being ] The teeth of rodent pets continue to grow, which affects their eating and growth. Carrot hamster toys can meet the teeth grinding needs of hamsters, lemmings, mice, tiny gerbils and other small animals, inhibit the growth of teeth, and keep them in a happy mood. Niteangel chew toys keep your adorable pet active, stress relieved and glow with energy.
  • [ Safe Material And Design ] Made of beech wood and paper, safe material is the best hamster decor toys for furry friends, keeping them from chewing on cages or other furniture, carrot shape design makes it better for moving and chewing, hamsters will hide it as a favourite plaything to break boredom and grinding teeth.
  • [ Entertaining And Easy To Chew ] Radish hamster chew toys are also a way to relieve anxiety and stress for small pets to keep them well-being and active, beech wood material allows hamsters to chew and grind their teeth better, helping them deal with the environment in a fun way, and it's cute look will definitely captivate your furry friends.
  • [ Build Small Animal Habitats ] Sometimes the hamsters feel anxious or stressed if they are left alone for long periods of time. You can hide the carrot small animal chew toys in various corners of the habitat, and it will slowly seek it out and move back to its house, helping them enjoy and relieve stress until you go back home.
  • [ Ideal Gift For Furry Friends ] Small animal chewing carrots are great for chinchillas, squirrels, hamsters, gerbils, little prairie dogs and other rodents. If your little pet has little interest in them at first, please put these chew toys in the cage and let them get used to it for a while, and they will slowly try to chew and gradually become ecstatic.
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