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Niteangel Pet CA

Niteangel Hamster Paper Pellets Bedding

Niteangel Hamster Paper Pellets Bedding

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  • [Natural Material Paper Bedding] Are you still worried about the annoying smell of your tiny pet farm? Niteangel small animal paper bedding are made of natural pulp, which has strong water absorption, which can better absorb the annoying smell of the cage, and it will not deform in contact with water, allowing hamsters to have more fun rolling and digging.
  • [Multiple Combination Villa Construction] The hamster paper pellets can be combined with other bedding to create colorful landscapes and original ecological small pet hideout. You can even create a hamster living environment that belongs to your own style. With the colorful paper pellets bedding, you could divide areas to keep your hamster cage organized.
  • [Strong Absorption & Easy Cleaning] hamster paper bedding can help absorb the nasty smell in the hamster house. It wicks the moisture to keep your pets dry and clean. After absorbing water the paper pallets will neither fade nor stick. You can spend more time with your pet without having to worry about cleaning the cage.
  • [Safe & Low Dust] Unlike other dusty bedding, Niteangel paper bedding has goes through multiple dust-reclaiming and is perfect for tiny pet with sensitive respiratory tracts. You can confidently put your pets on the paper bedding in the cage without worrying about respiratory issues. For the well-being of the small pet, please change the paper bedding in time.
  • [Perfect Gift for Many Pets] The hamster paper pellets is suitable for Syrian, Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Lemming, Degus or other small-sized pets that love to live in a wonderful hideout without annoying smells. It is also a lovely gift for you to build your own splendid hamster palace.
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