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Niteangel Pet CA

Niteangel Natural & Soft Hamster Bedding2.0

Niteangel Natural & Soft Hamster Bedding2.0

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  • Consists of aspen and apple wood, it's recommend to use as a decoration layer if you use a big cage, or main substance in a small cage
  • Low in dust, fun to dig, gives out natural flavor, attacts your little furry friends to explore and digging to spend boredom time
  • Provides different texture for enrichment and foraging, soft touching offers a gentle experience when hamsters walks or plays
  • Soft, safe for little paw friends to pouch and not able to cut their fur, they might collect these bedding materials to build a warm bed in hamster house
  • Bag Packed: 5L, 11 L, recommended for hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus, and other small-sized pets
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