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Niteangel Natural & Soft Hamster Bedding〔Forest Floor Series〕

Niteangel Natural & Soft Hamster Bedding〔Forest Floor Series〕

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  • Natural And Comfortable Hamster Bedding: Are you looking for natural and comfortable bedding for the hamsters? Through pet experts carefully select, let you not worry about bedding causing any danger to your pet. Multiple colors enrich your hamster habitat and choose the most comfortable natural bedding for small animal.
  • Perfect Hamster Villa Building: a variety of color collocation to add more color to your hamster villa, Just need to casually sprinkle the small pet bedding in the villa, let your furry friend to build its own home, in order to make the hamster habitat cleaner, you need to replace the bedding in time.
  • Safe Materials And Natural Flower Smell: if your furry friends are very sensitive to smell, the Niteangel hamster bedding will be your best choice, it uses Myosotis, Rose, Calendula, Globe Amaranth, Willow Leave, Elm Leaves, Orchard Grass, Timothy Hay as bedding materials, its smell is natural, even if hamsters as a chewing toys will not cause danger.
  • Soft Fluffy And Adsorption Annoying Smell: The soft touch let your hamster release nature, is the best choice to meet the hamster exploration and hidden, and the natural flowers small animal bedding no dust lets the hamster breathe in the best state, natural flower materials can well absorb the habitat annoying smell, keep the hamster hideout dry and clean.
  • Ideal Paper Bedding for Small Animals: Natural flower bedding is perfect for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mices, degus and other small pets! Unlike other strong-smelling bedding, Niteangel hamster bedding can be more attractive to hamsters and be more comfortable for furry friends.

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